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Learning Management
System (LMS) with CPD

Efficiently manage classroom training, online resources, SCORM/AICC content with our user-friendly, web-based options. We offer different levels of hosted and installed solutions. Our feature rich LMS provides CPD management.

e-learning Courseware

TutorPro’s proven e-Learning methods go beyond the video and the “watch/try” scenarios. Our extensive courseware library covers topics from Microsoft Office to industry-specific applications. Our new design concept, TutorPro 360° is mapped, targeted & specific to how the user works in their role at their firm.


Core Competencies
Skills Assessments

Are your assessments effective and do they show you what a user knows? TutorPro's unique assessment tool interacts with a user as he/she works in a live document and/or live application... the only ‘true’ assessment solution.

Content Development Tools

TutorPro provides a set of unique, innovative authoring and content development tools to meet all of your needs.


Legal Tech Audit/Law School Edition (LTA/LSE)

If you are a law student, faculty or staff member, join the growing number of law schools by creating a free account and taking the LTA/LSE.